Thursday, January 6, 2011

Date of the Year!

I get to say it! 
*Clears Throat*

December 18th 2011 will be the day I marry the man of my dreams and better yet, my very best friend. 

Procrastinator me, never got our Christmas cards out! surprised? Well we got some out, those who we saw Christmas day, at least. So I had to come up with an alternative. 

Happy New Year! 

So Christian and I went to Target in search of some cute blank but not so theme'y cards! Just something simple that I could write inside and insert the Save the Date Magnets we had made.

 Side Notes: I'm thrilled with how our little project came out and I will definitely be blogging about it soon! Many thanks to my awesome photo/computer saavy friend "A". I love her so! It wouldn't have been possible without her! 

So we come across these two packs of 10 cards for $3.99/each, just enough! 
Perfect find. 

We came home, sat down and came up with a little rhyme 

"Happy New Year! Now that the countdown to 2011 is done, we start the count til our wedding bells shall be rung!"  

Something simple, sweet and personal! Pardon my not so graceful and girly handwriting. I wish & pray to inherit my mother's beautiful whimsical handwriting!

Inside we placed our small business card size magnets, addressed the envelopes and they are ready for delivery! 

I have been procrastinating on stamps. All the designs are, lack for a better word, lame. I love the American Flag and all but I was just hoping to come across something a little softer!  But with time ticking, I might just give in! I can't wait to send them off! I might shed a tear, I am pretty proud of our idea and how well they turned out! 

So happy to share my happiness with you all again!


  1. Just found your blog so CONGRATS! It's so relieving when you actually have a date to plan towards. Happy planning, can't wait to read more!

  2. Thank you Tiffany!! Cant wait to follow yours as well! Best of luck!!

  3. I loveee you save the dates! Looks like your working hard! Can't wait to hear about more updates.