Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shoe Fate

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I somehow managed to get Christian to go to the mall with me on Thursday!
**Oh ya he needed an oil change and its right across the street from the mall!**

So we go inside, walk around and on our way back to go pick up the car there was a DSW! 
I swear it was calling me, well we went inside! 
Christian made himself comfortable on one of the benches.

First aisle, last pair in the row. 
The color is a dusty grey! 
Peep toe, sling backs with a cluster of rhinestones at each of the toes. 
And the heel doesnt appear too high! 
I look below for my size, they only have a few sizes left, so I grab the 8, I am a 7.5/8, so fingers crossed! 
THEY FIT!! Looking past my jacked up toe nail polish they are perfect! 


These shoes are PERFECT! 

Bended kneed I ran ok more like shuffled over toward Christian for his approval.
He thought they were cute, but then had to damper my parade with the big 
"How much are they?!"
So I look! 
Blue Tag! 
Blue Tag = 50% off tagged price! 

He gave me a kiss and a high-five
Well because thats what we do!

And we both happily walked out with my perfect shoes for $30! 

I love shoes and I am so glad I found them by surprise, and especially having Christian there. 
I was really having a hard time looking at shoes without knowing the exact height. 
So shoe fate found us and graced us! 
And I thank it! 
And Christian probably doesnt realize but having him with me made the moment even more special! 


  1. Those shoes are hot!!!!

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