Tuesday, November 9, 2010

E-Picnic : SUCCESS!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Finally the day had come! No No No, not THAT big day!  But today was almost as important.
For the first time in seven years, our families were coming together!
(Minus a  few here and there!)

The financée and I had been planning this for quite some time! My momma had wanted to throw a get together as soon as we got engaged. But do timing we scheduled it out a few months to give us time to prepare. 

Christian and I knew we wanted a formal wedding so we thought something super casual and relaxing for our picnic style “meet-n-greet”!

Friday night came, my stomach was in knots, there was still so much to do or that in my mind, still had time to be done. Eventually I went back down stairs due to not being able to fall asleep. Pacing and seeing if there were any last minute things I could do to make the next few hours a little easier. 

I don’t remember sleeping that night. 
Just remember the sound of the alarm going off at 8am, without being startled.
I woke up, stretched and went down stairs.
We started packing the car. I had all my checklists around the house, on the fridge, on the computer, on the floor, anywhere visible! 

So we finally leave, it’s a little past 9:30am. 

 I still have to drop off my car payment, wax my eyebrows and pick up ICE. 

We drop off my car payments. DONE!

We go across the street because Christian was going to pick up ICE and something to drink at CVS, while I run next door and get my eyebrows waxed. That’s when we BOTH realize neither of us have our ATM cards! We are in a sheer panic now. He had his credit card, so he sent me off to get my eye brows done.
So there I am laying on the waxing table and he walks in, she just smeared the HOT wax across my eyebrows, and I hear “Oh gosh, excuse me I am so sorry, Meg, ugh do you know if this place takes credit cards?!!?” My heart drops! The lady see’s my reaction and quickly replies with “Yes, Yes, don’t worry!” 
 We both gasped for air! *Phew* Eyebrows DONE! 

Back on the road and heading back towards the house.  A detour if you will! Taking you the scenic route! *Rolls Eyes*
We make it home, its probably about 10:15am or so now. 

Now I am starting to worry that the area we had hoped in taking would still be available. 

We grab our wallets, get some refills and some extra things we had forgotten!
And we are off, but for real this time! 

Financée , got us there, in no lie 15min! His bride-to-be was happy and pleased!

We got to the gate and my stomach sank, here we go! 

Around the curve we go…and our spot is FREE! 
No one is there practically! 
 I was screaming out of pure joy, happiness and relief!! 

Mom was only 10 minutes behind us. 

We unloaded the car and marked our area! Soon after our photographer pulled up and asked if we were Meg and Christian?! We hadn’t met prior to this event like we had hoped for so we weren’t sure who he exactly was at first. 

So then I start panicking, the photographer is here and early like he said he would be, but WAY early. Oh and check me out no make up, hair tossed up, in black gauchos from 2007 and wearing one of my favorites, a “Save the TaTas” tank top!  

Mr. Picture Man showed up and he was awesome, offered to help us! And gosh we needed it! We had to gather up a bunch of picnic tables from all over the park and the Financée definitely needed some more strength than just me and mom! 

Mom finally got there; we unloaded her car and started setting up. 

Ju, my Maid of Honor, showed up shortly after and we unloaded her car. 

We got all the tables up and covered and the food set up! 

I ran over to the park restroom and quickly changed into my outfit for the day! Soon realizing the park had no lighting, I had to sit in the grass and put my make up on! It actually ended up being a moment of peace for the day before all our guests would be arriving! 

That’s when I just let go of everything and started enjoying myself! 

I can not wait to see the pics!

It really seemed like everyone was enjoying themselves and having a great time meeting one another. And that is truly the biggest wish that has come true for Christian and I!
Just solidifies the fact that we were made for one another and our families can see that too!

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