Monday, November 1, 2010



The OC Register is having a Wedding Sweepstakes! 
and the Grand Prize...a 150K Wedding! 
(Incredible right?!)
It includes everything and anything you could possibly imagine!
Christian and I signed up a little late, but hey you never know!
Registration is required but its quick, I promise!
Just make up a username and password and vote!
Feel free to comment! 
1 Vote per Day, per IP Address
So vote at home, at work, at your neighbors, the library, 
how ever you have to get as many votes in as possible!

Voting is over November 9th, so this is it!
We are hoping to get in as many votes as possible! 
The Top 5 in Votes, are chosen for Round 2 as well as the judge's Top 5 Picks! 
So we still have a chance!!!

Please tell everyone you know! 
Thank you Family and Friends! 

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