Tuesday, September 14, 2010


What to do? What to do? 
It feels so weird to have everything done, and early!

So I have almost all of the engagement party invites out! We only have about 3 or 4 that need to go out but we are just waiting on addresses. 

I feel so accomplished, like I am on this! I’m usually such a procrastinator, but hopefully planning my wedding throughout the next year, will teach me how to be a little more diligent! 

LA Day was a success, which makes me ecstatic, and even more so after telling my MaidO.H. about the flower girl dresses we found and what a great deal it was! After discussing it with her and my mom, we decided to give it a shot! What’s there to lose, right? So our plan is to get their dresses at least one whole size bigger than what they current wear. Using my cousin Grace, who will be one of my two Flower Girl s as our model!  Depending on the fit and sizing, we’ll see what we do! Best case scenario, they are a little big on them the month or so before our wedding and we can have them altered to their size. Worst case scenario, they don’t fit and we just have to buy new ones!  Is it worth the deal? HECK YES!

So what’s next? Now its time to save my dollars and cents for this engagement party! 
This is my chance to go DIY crazy, and that is the most exciting part! 

We aren’t doing the typical engagement party.  We are going to host a family picnic! Complete with blankets, butt cushions, lemonade , yummy finger foods  and games to help us get to know one another better!
I am so excited, yet so nervous! So much to do, and what seems like a lot of time, but really its NOT!
Im so anxious for the weeks to come! 

This week we are planning on giving our Bridal Party Gifts out and doing our “askings”! So far so good!
Everyone is so happy for us, which only makes us that much more excited to get married!


Now Im currently brainstorming, what do you think of when you think of a picnic in the park??

= ))

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