Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flower Girls & Their Dresses

To ask my Flower Girls I made them a card, and a doll cut out, custom to look like them, complete with smiles and googly eyes! And I also gave them peacock fascinators! We are going to play with them, and see what way works on them best! I just thought they were too cute!
Flower Girls Card
Flower Girl Hair  Clip (Me)
About my Flower Girls! We decided to choose two young ladies, one from each side of the family, we have so many adorable and wonderful cousins to have chosen from and it was so hard, but I know the girls we chose are going to be so delighted!

Grace Lucille Hall :

My cousin Mike, eldest of my Aunt Pam’s three children, has the cutest daughter in the world! She is currently in 2nd grade, she’s definitely shy but once you crack her, she’s just one ball of fun! We wanted nothing more than to have her be apart of our big day.

Regan Isabella Long:

Christian’s Uncle Tory, lives in Mesa, Arizona, so rarely do we get the pleasure of visiting and spending time with he and his beautiful daughter Regan, but when we do, its always memorable! Regan is in the 1st grade and not only is she adorable, but she is such a character. She truly is a princess on Earth! We couldn’t be more excited to have her not only come out from Arizona for our big day, but to have her in our wedding!
I know these two girls are going to bring so much joy , love and beauty to our wedding, and we thank you both so much for accepting our request to be apart of our wedding party!

The Flower Girl Dress

So I know I am early but I jump started on my Flower Girl dresses.  What can I say, I got excited!

My previous L.A. trip (September12th) is when I discovered these beauties! 
$30 for the cutest dresses and *BEST OF ALL* in my colors!
So I knew it had to be meant to be, right??

September 19th, Mom, Aunt Jill (Mom’s Little Sister), Janice ( Maid.O.H) AKA: “Ju” , Grace (Flower Girl) and I all jumped in the car and headed to L.A. Fashion District on Sunday morning! We all met at my house about 10am, then picked up Aunt Jill on the way to the freeway, we eventually got on the freeway about  11am. 

Typical L.A. traffic, ugh!

We all survived Mom’s driving; she even managed to go down a one-way street with cars heading full speed toward us! Yes my mom is no Angelina Jolie but she thankfully got us off the street and safely parked atop a roof.  We ended getting great parking (Santee and 12th) and the stairs took us right down into the alley! SWEET! The crowd was NOTHING, compared to what its usually like. We did some Santee Alley browsing and then walked up to Pico and Maple.

The first place we stopped at was this huge two story building with dresses galore and I believe (Olympic and Maple) they had the dress in the window that I liked, just not the color, but they had a nice dressing room area, so we thought it would be best to even try on for sizing.

The dress was adorable! 
Here is Grace modeling it in Fuschia for us! Isn’t she just a doll!

This particular shop wanted $50, I knew a few doors down I could save at least $20 more! So we passed, especially since they didn’t even have the dress in the right color we wanted!

Next shop, same dress, $40…PASS!

Hi-Kids Collection! WINNER! Even though last week she said $30, she wouldn’t go past $35, she said it had been a slow day or something, which I did notice. So we got two dresses, guess’timated the size and the lady ensured that we would be able to exchange as long as we had the receipt! *PHEW*
I know I’m jumping the gun, I mean my wedding is more than a YEAR away, but I have learned that when you go out to L.A., it might be there then, and then gone tomorrow, so I knew I had to jump on it. And the price was right and I wouldn’t kill myself losing $35!

As for the color I chose, it was tough! They don’t allow you to take pics, but I snuck some! It was between the Purple and the Teal! Grace loved the "Blue" (lol) and she loved the dress, which made me happy! Spaghetti Straps, Square cute neckline, large band waist, with removable bow (which will stay), removable brooch (will be removed, cheesy), matching shawl and a bubble hem!

And being that both my flower girls are currently both in 1st and 2nd grade, I loved that I could possibly get away with a brighter and more fun color, so I chose the TEAL!

I really love these dresses, they really mean the world, and are going to tie so well into the wedding! And of course, going to look AMAZING on the flower girls! I already cant wait!