Friday, September 17, 2010

E-Picnic Favors ::FAIL::

If you didnt know, we will be having our Engagement Family Picnic November 6, 2010. 
 It will actually kick off our 1 YEAR COUNTDOWN until the big day!!

I had the CUTEST idea for inexpensive but cute favors. 
I found these huge packs of tealights for dirt cheap, like $3 for 25 and they come in these cool colors that I still think would be considered fall'ish!

I went to the DollarTree to do my usual "lunch browsing" and found these cute small tins 3pk for $1. 
So I grabbed a few packs of tins and went on my way.

I waited until just recently to start my favor experiment...

It was a MESS! 
Super Glue everywhere, Tins were so cheap they would bend/dent from just the pressure of holding it! 
They were just UGLY! 

I even made these cute small labels with our "logo" from our E-Picnic invitation.

Such a bummer, so now I am looking for new ideas since I have all these tealights!
Here they are! 

So I asked some friends and actually got  IDEA #2 from my friend CeCe!
She suggested getting those small metal pails they sell for favors at Micahels or JoAnns and then putting the sand or whatever filler in then put the candle, decorate with ribbon and Wa-La!
I thought how adorable would that be, and how perfect that would go along with that simplistic picnic idea!!

So heres to IDEA #2 taking into effect!


  1. I was about to suggest the same thing!

  2. I don't know how to sign up to comment! LOL! It's your CECE or Lovelina! AWWWWW!!! You talked about me! LOL! I am so glad you like the suggestion! I think it is perfect for a picnic!