Saturday, September 11, 2010

L.A. DAY!!

Oh how fun today was!!
I had my Mom, my Dad and my Financee!
(Yes, Christian is my Finance-e, he says im worth making payments toward!!) 
What more could a girl ask for!?

We can officially cross off Bridal Party Gifts!

The cards have been made! CHECK!
The shirts have been bought! CHECK!

Now its time to ask! 

So let me tell you about my THREE Deals!
Which is the second part of the excitement!
(Only because Financee and I had a really great idea for our awesome Bridal Party)


I was planning on buying Tuxedo Tshirts for the Groom and his Dudes 
I found some on Etsy for $9.99/each + $14.95 S/H 
(that was their offer to me for a large order)
Which was actually pretty decent compared to what I had seen elsewhere. 

Until Today!

This shop in Santee Alley was full of shirts!
So I asked the guy (fingers crossed) if they had a Tuxedo Tshirt?
He said "YES!!"
Their offer $8/each; 3/$20 or Buy 6 get 1 Free!
I needed 6 Total
(Groom, F.O.B and Groomsmen)

So we walked away with 6 Tuxedo Tshirts and 1 Laker Tshirt for the Fianancee!
All for $42 and some change!

DEAL #2!

Bridesmaid Tanks!
So a few weeks back at the Queen Mary Bridal Show in Long Beach,  I bought my mom and cousin a rhinestone ribbed tank top each to where for the rehearsal or engagement or wherever else they wanted to wear it! Since then I have been trying to find a good deal on them since I paid $20/each for those at a "Bridal Show Only Price" and are listed in their catalog at $30/each! Ouch! I love all my girls that I am asking to be in the wedding but at $30/each that was going to hurt! Even just buying 3 more! So I search and decided I would just buy the rhinestone transfers and some Old Navy Basic Ribbed Tanks and make them myself. 
Because after today I dont have to, and for cheaper!
All black, all in great sizes and fits for each girl, and rhinestones! 
and at the perfect price! 
So once again UNDER BUDGET!

I wanted to do something different for my Flower Girls! 
I didn't want to just so another tank top or tshirt but something any little girl would love!
So since I am going to be incorporating Peacock feathers in our wedding, I decided to give them a little preview through the flower girls!
They are adorable and handmade oh and at only $5/each, I couldn't help it!

I really can't wait to see everyone and ask for them to be apart of our wedding! 
...and to give them their gifts!

The only person we have left to get a little gift for is our ring bearer, 
and we are thinking up something special just for him!

But the best party of TODAY was just being with my parents and Financee, on such a beautiful day!

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