Friday, September 10, 2010

Theme? Style? Formal? Casual?

Its really been fun looking through catalogs, going to Bridal Shows with my mom, seeing whats out there and what people typically do for decoration and so forth. 

There are so many options, its amazing! So much talent, and locally! 
Not only am I fan of local talent and vendors, but I truly love the website 
I buy hair clips and ribbons and bows, anything that really catches my eye! 
Oh and its great form of window shopping!

So back to my "style", I have never thought of myself on top of the Fashionista world and always have considered myself a "T-Shirt, Jeans and Flip Flops" kinda gal! 

But now that I am becoming a Wife, I thought, why not turn up the "Classy" notch a bit!

So my theme and style is "Sexy!"
 And Christian wants "Formal"
So it works!

I have been asked so many times and its something that I find myself continously struggling trying to explain to other my vision. 
Until I met my Wedding Planner Nikki! 
She is going to make my visions come into a reality!
I am so lucky and so grateful that she understands me and what we want!

We want a romantic ambiance. 
Dim lighting, candlelight, colored lighting coming from the corners of the room.
Ostrich Feathers, Peacock Feathers, Modern-Marie Antoinette!
Our main colors will be are Black, Teal, and Sangria or Plum with a Silver Metallic Finish. 

Shimmery Black-Charcoal
Eggplant - Plum
It's going to be BEAUTIFUL, let me tell you right now! 
I can not wait until we start gathering our supplies and stuff for our centerpieces and decorations for the wedding!

Beautiful Wedding Coming Fall 2011!

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  1. Well don't worry about being sexy, because lady, do you have killer eyelashes!