Tuesday, October 5, 2010

E-Picnic Location

Sunday, October 3rd, Christian and I went to Irvine Regional Park to check out the area, so we wouldn't be completely lost the day of our E-Picnic, because Lord knows we are going to be more than busy! 
((I am so excited!))
We found a really great location, easy to find, close bathrooms, close parking, and best of all surrounded by shady trees and plenty of picnic tables. 
Seeing it today, really made it that more REAL for me!
Like its REALLY happening!

The reason we chose Irvine Regional Park was because, its a great park and its generally in a central location for all our family members. Since we have family coming from South Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and even Christan's Uncle Tory and Cousin Regan, are planning on coming out from Mesa, Arizona!

While we were there, I snapped a few pictures of the location!
As you can see, Mr. Bear was excitedly pacing around the area.

We excitedly called my parents while still there and told Mom we found a great spot!
We went home and I quickly put together a map for our guests so they know what general area we will be in the day of our E-Picnic, since the invite stated the exact location "TBA".

Hopefully no one will have any troubles reading or understanding our map.
We also plan on making arrows or signs leading the way.

So I plan on making a email reminder about our party as well as information about parking and directions.

Now its time to practice baking all the sweets and treats for the party!

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