Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BMaid Dress - Adventure #1

Last night my Maid of Honor (MaidOH) Janice, AKA: Ju, and I decided to go try on B.Maid dresses on! 
Im an early planner and I'm excited, but I do plan on making my decisions early on, so we can avoid any mishaps farther down the line. I've been pretty solid on my color selections, so I don't think ordering, and in the colors I prefer, would be a problem! 

So we arrived at Alfred Angelo in Brea RIGHT ON TIME! We stood at the front desk for about 5minutes before becoming bored and wandering the store ourselves. We went back to the front desk, where after another few minutes, someone finally greeted us. I told her we had a 6pm appointment for B.Maid dresses, and she happily reported she would be assisting us today. Oh great, and you already suck! hahaha! She then asked my style and what I wanted to see. I instructed her that I was trying to figure that out but was leaning more torward the tea-length or long. She picked out every dress, that met my criteria and lead us to our fitting room.  We soon realize we are in the BACK CORNER of the store. Last fitting room, she called it the "Suite" of the fitting room because we could be left alone and try on the dresses. 

At first I didnt like that she just left us, but soon found out it was more fun and we could do what we wanted.

I was camera ready and Ju was ready to try on some dresses!

 Dress #1
 (I think the red socks make this dress work!)

Likes: The Hi-Low cut, strapless, soft and elegant looking
Dislikes: to me it felt like a homecoming dress, just bleh, could have been the color

Dress # 2
 (Ju and her silly faces, such a dork)
Likes: Hi-Low Cut, Material, Strapless
Dislikes: Sash is way too small

Dress #3
(She had to pull and hold it back, it was too big)
Likes: Large Sash/Band, Flowy'ness, looks comfy, and would look great with Flower Girl dresses
Dislikes: None, just not set on a LONG dress

Dress #4
(Silly face)
As you probably have noticed, this is the SHORT version of Dress #3!
Likes: Same as Above and knees will be covered
Dislikes: I feel this shortens her or cuts her off, I like how in comparison #3 elongates her.

Ju and I agreed on Dress #3 as the winner for the day!
Few alterations, with a Hi-Low Cut (longer back shorter front).
I really dont want my girls to have to pay an arm and a leg for their dresses to be completely altered.
I feel that they should be able to order it, get sized and pick up! 

I told Ju all the things I have shared here and luckily she agreed!

Our search shall continue, but I wanted to get an idea of what I like on her and what I don't, this trip definitely helped!

Cant wait for our next adventure!


  1. Very pretty dresses. I do like #3 the best!

  2. I like #3 the best as well!! I have had the hardest time finding bridesmaids dresses that I love and I finally found one and they don't offer it in my color. I may end up getting them custom made though.

    Anywho, I just wanted to let you know I found your blog through wedding bee and am following now! =)

  3. Thanks Miss June and Danielle!!! =]
    Glad you found me on WeddingBee! YAY!

  4. Hi Meg!

    Great dresses... I just picked my bridesmaids dresses as well. I agree about dress #3 and your comment about the length. I love the shorter look of dress #4

  5. sounds like so much fun! beautiful dresses, i like #3 too & #4 the length is nice and youthful, really cute :)