Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fiancé’s Turning 25!

He just turned a Quarter of a Century!

He’s more handsome than I ever could have imagined!
I thought the only things that got good with age was cheese, wine and a good steak! 

My Gift Idea:  Christian has always teased me, since being engaged, saying it wasn’t fair that I got to wear a beautiful ring to show the world I was getting married, but he didn’t have anything to show that he was engaged and going to be married. So we talked it over, and he seemed to be “over it” but I knew I wanted to get him one! So I let it go, and thought his birthday would be a perfect time for it!
October 16, 2010 

The morning started with my getting up and out of bed and making the Birthday-Man homemade waffles. He always wanted waffles, but would never let me just buy the Bisquick to make them, he would say “Those aren’t for waffles! Those are for pancakes and cooking!”  So I made the exception for his birthday! Its not everyday he turns 25! So to my amazement it didn’t take very long,  it took a couple tries wit the waffle maker, but I got it down!  He didn’t want anything on the side, just some waffles in bed.
We lounged for  the rest of the morning and then I got ready to go out and buy some things for his birthday dinner! His request, Roast or Ribs with all the sides! A Feast for a Birthday King!  Well while he went back to sleep or played video games, it was his free time, you know how men are, so simple! (Well ok, at least for me!) I was out picking up his wedding band, and grabbing stuff for dinner, so I wasn’t a complete LIAR!
I finally got home, after panicking the last half of the trip because I had misplaced my phone, and wasn’t sure if it was just at home or if I left it somewhere. So just hoping it was at home, I went about the rest of my errands. Finally got to Cerritos Mall picked up his ring, PERFECT! They even gave me a cute box!
I went to Albertsons, didn’t find any good looking pork roasts, so I opt’d for the Baby Back Ribs! YUM! And there was just enough time to have them done in perfect timing! Ribs, bag of potatoes, we had all the veggies at home and last but not least Breyer’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Christian’s very favorite!
Rushing home, I picked up lunch it was about 2pm and I knew he wouldn’t have fed himself, so I picked us up some quick and warm teriyaki bowls from a place that just opened up the street. Yamas I believe, so good!  

Got home, set the table with lunch, but before going upstairs to get Christian I wanted to hide his ring! Well this is where my genius comes in! Christian ALWAYS throws on his slippers when he comes down stairs! It’s his routine, mind you he always harps on me for being barefoot!   So I hid the box deep down in the toe of his slipper! I went upstairs and he was sound to sleep so he asked for another 5-10 minutes and he would meet me downstairs.  No problem, I went downstairs and sat on the couch. He came down, PASSED the slippers , grabbed our lunch off the table and brought it to the couch! I was bummed, but I wanted to have it play out naturally. We are done eating, just cuddling on the couch. It was a rainy day on and off all day! So finally he picks up the stuff to throw it away and he starts walking towards his slippers, its going to happen, I swear everything was slow motion, I was just so excited! 

His eyebrows quickly perk! “What in the world?!” as he reaches down for his slipper, “Babe, what is this?!” He puts everything down, and walks back to me with the box.  He opened it and freaks out! “OMG! Babe this is awesome!” He puts it on, “Perfect!” with a huge smile on his face! 

He was in such shock; he said “You got me good! I was NOT expecting this.”

I rarely get to surprise him, because like he says "He can read me like a book", so I am glad I was able to keep this one a surprise!  

(His Tungsten Ring)