Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Photography Consultation!

October 18, 2010

Cantina Light Photography
2941 E. Miraloma Street Suite 2
Anaheim, CA 92806
Photographer: Kayley 
Meeting: 6:30pm

Initially I had signed up for a $20 Mini-Engagement Session (with a free guest-book) with them through a Promo I had received through email!

Part of the deal was to come in and discuss photography packages/pricing as well as your mini-engagement session.

So we arrive about 8 minutes late because, well they were in "Anaheim" which seemed to be more like Placentia, being that it was off the 57 FWY and 91 FWY, so traffic was pretty bad!

But nonetheless, we arrived! Out popped this chatty cute girl Kayley! 
 Blonde, about my height and she just broke her toe, poor thing!
She was luckily just finishing up an appointment with a client! 

She let us start by checking out some of their albums, I had seen them before at previous Bridal Shows, but went over them with the Financee!
She asked what we liked and what we did not like about the books we saw, we told her our suggestions.

I knew going to this appointment that we wouldn't be making any solid decisions about our photography needs. So it kind of made the appointment a lot easier too! She didn't feel the need to "sell" us, though she did go over their tempting package pricing. 

I told her that we were on a strict budget but we knew that photography was really important to us since those will last a lifetime!
(Im pretty sure she hears this ALL day long, lol) 

The owner introduced himself, he was trying to sneak in, but Kayley told him that we wanted to get married at the Eagle's Nest, and he quickly replied with "Amazing Sunsets, when is the date?" We quickly replied with "November 5th, 2011", and he said "Autumn Sunsets there would be gorgeous, and we are on their preffered vendor list! So we definitely have experience with that location!" That sure made me happy! Kind of makes you breathe a little easier, just knowing they know their way around the grounds and all the "hot picture spots"! When we told him about the time of the event he quickly warned us that we might not get all the shots that you would hope for, whereas if you were doing a day time wedding with endless possibilities.

It broke my heart. Christian and I had envisioned this evening candelight ceremony in our minds, and then it quickly got ran over! We aren't giving up hope of our evening ceremony but it was the honesty that we truly appreciated hearing. Rather than someone just taking that risk with it! We appreciate that, so Kudos to you Mr. Owner! I think his name was Sam! And he was Filipino! We got to keep those Filips close!

Kayley even suggested we use an outside source to design our own album! And they even do a service for you where they set up your layout and you send off to who ever you want to publish your album! Awesome! It actually comes in all of their packages!
(Ex. Shutterfly, FlutterFrog (?), YorkPhoto, etc.)

We talked a LOT! She was very thorough and let us take our time and ask all the question that may have come to mind in and out of all our conversations. Christian was getting tired, so we started to wrap it up! We got to pricing! She was honest and said, you should SHOP for photography, and that a lot of photographers don't get much business between the months of Oct. - Dec., so they are very negotiable, and so should a lot of places! So now knowing that, she brought out her price sheet and started working her magic! 

(Regular Pricing)
(Our Pricing)

We also discussed Video, they do the short story videos too! Love it, but still want to shop around, definitely would be an "EXTRA"
But she said she would do -$100 so $799 for the smaller of the two video packages, I forgot the details, will update those soon!

Also, they are required to do yearly workshops, so its nice to know they keep their photographers fresh!

Overall we liked them very much, but knowing we could negotiate prices, was nice too! 

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