Thursday, October 21, 2010

E-Picnic: Introduction of Family Members!

Mom brought up a good point! 
"How are you going to introduce everyone to everyone else?"
I think this was in the back of my mind but I was just avoiding it! 
As much as we love (and I mean LOVE) being engaged, we aren't very "showy" people! 
I can be the type to soak up attention but not much, but more so than the "Financee". 
So what do I do?

I've "Google'd",
I've posted on boards,
I've asked family and friend what has worked in the past,
and I am still lost! 

Do I play a game?
Do I stand up with each person or family individually and introduce them?
Do I let them mingle amongst themselves?
We are adults here!

The "Financee" said having a game to introduce people reminded him of what our teachers/professors made us do on the first day of class every year.
As much as I didn't want to hear it, he was right!
(Why must he be so sensible at times!?!)

About a month ago I came up with the "brilliant" idea to make Name-Tags!
But then I thought, having a photograher there, I dont want Name-Tags in the pics!
Or am I over analyzing too much?

 (Name Tags I made)
(Close up, I used our Logo as well as their relation to us)

We already have some games that we are planning on doing that involves everyone, but when it comes to "meeting and greeting", well as you know, I am LOST! 

Anyone want to throw out any suggestions, I'd be forever grateful!
Until then...back to stressing...


  1. hmm. I remember not too long ago in my spanish class our teacher gave us a sheet with different things on it such as have you gone to europe. etc. so you have to go around finding people who fulfill that question/statement! you should get interesting facts about people you know and put it on a sheet! just a thought.

  2. You can get nametags and then under it say things like AMY SMITH:Ask me about my travels to Bora Boro or JOHN WILLIAMS: Ask me about my latest musical score.
    It gets people talking at least.

  3. Thanks for the tips girls!

    @Leti, how funny thats the game I was talking about in my blog lol. Christian didn't really care for the idea!

    @Miss June, love the name-tag idea, I kind of did that with the ones I currently have but put a small description of the relation to us.